More about the company aka the birds.

How I ended up with a plethora of winged friends on the balcony started with my curiosity. A curiosity which stems from them being one of my animal totems. Each type of bird has a special significance and they appear when advice is needed!

The summer feeder on the balcony. This is the latest version after many different prototypes. Photo by Jacqueline

When I moved to this flat, I had been searching for a place where there was more greenery. I selected this flat because of its open balcony that would allow me to do some container gardening and perhaps have a bird feeder. Being situated nearby one of the large parks I was curious about what birds there were. I have a fondness for the winged fauna and so I was eager to see who might come by. So along with my gardening pots, I erected a bird feeder. Which was by no means the beautiful sophisticated one that is now on display, more of just a small basket. It was not long before they became curious about the new resident and began dropping in to have a look. The reward for my efforts was a beautiful mated pair of hawfinches, followed by the house sparrow, and then the hooded crows. And not so much to my delight the flying rats. This is the name that city dwellers have given to the urban pigeon, who congregate in large flocks everywhere to everyone’s dismay.

Juvenile hawfinch photo by Jacqueline

Since starting my balcony birding, I now have way to many to name and keep count of. The beginning was just a small group, but that has since changed. In addition to my year rounders, we have seasonal rotations and special guests who stop by to check what is on offer. I have research each of the various birds and provide them with things that they need in their diets. This means that the buffet is careful curated for them and does not contain things that cause them issues with digestion. And while there are an abundance of mainly sunflower seeds, the main attraction is peanuts! It is quite possible that almost every bird snacks on peanuts. Thus making them in high demand and can cause problems if the feeder is emptied without getting a prompt refill. They are quick to call my attention to the empty feeders and can be rather bothered if I run out of something.

Green finch juvenile. Part of the summer visitors, they migrate south for warmer weather. Photo by Jacqueline

Personally I find joy and pleasure watching them on the balcony. The main focus of the group will be the titmice, the sparrows, the hooded crows, and the woodpecker. You will hear from them regularly, as they are my year round residents. I hope you enjoy the stories we will share about the fun things we get up to!

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