In the company of nature, if only on a balcony.

Funny how life and Mother Nature, has taken the opportunity to help highlight the small blessings even in uncertain times. The end of last year was chalked full of fast paced to do lists, work, and holiday rituals. In January, the new year began with an energy that felt somewhat unusual from years past. Then in the subsequent months that followed, everywhere the usual way of life was brought about a grinding halt. By the end of march in Russia it was most assured that things were going to be suspended into the current limbo. Honestly it is challenging to find the blessings and thoughts of gratitude some days. But that does not mean they are not there if you simply want to see them. For me personally, the universe decided that my very “American never take vacation mentality” was going to take a vacation, even if it meant using an unorthodox method. While a bit challenging to handle at first, it is defiantly something that I realise going forward needs to be on the books every year. But perhaps not as long as my current imposed vacation. I have to recognise that there is no need to burn myself into the ground trying to prove my productiveness. So I will be grateful for the lesson of learning to take a pause and slow things down. I am also grateful that I have new opportunities that lay on my horizon.

Titmouse and spring buds. Photo by Jacqueline

Another thing that I feel has been highlighted by this current event is that people are starting to wakeup to many things around them. One of those things is the abundance of Mother Nature. My companions during this time have shown that time will carry on as surely as the season and the cycles of the moon. The birds keep going and the flora grows and blooms all around us. We will all get through this and persevere, nature is really just waiting for us to come to the realisation that we are all strong and we have always have been. When the going gets tough and tragedy occurs humans come together and heal together. Sometimes in order to recognise the problem we have to become so saturated with it in order to be able to intuitively come to the understanding that change is necessary. The media, politics, and social media have been flooding my thoughts for the last few months. The unintended consequence is that I have been able to dig deep and come to the realisation that I need to listen to nature and my intuition more than ever. Nature and our intuitions are under constant assault and need to be protected and utilised with highest priority. Perhaps we need to dial the tech back, and pay attention to the nature around us. Do not get me wrong some technology is good, but I believe that right now Mother Nature is telling us that we need to wakeup and take a step back. I myself am far too guilty of being glued to devices, and that is something that I will take strides to correct.

Kitchen herbs in the window. Photo by Jacqueline

So coming out of this mess that has been allowed to take hold of us. I am making a pledge myself to make a few changes. Firstly, is to carve out time where I do things that do not need tech. I regularly say to others that we need physical work, and that our bodies crave it. So I will be taking my own advice and dedicating time for creativity, and projects that require my hands. Additionally, I will be much more dedicated to my flat and balcony gardening. The garden is not necessarily for food production, but more so for tuning into nature and being aware. Carving out this time will hopefully help me to be more in balance with myself. Helping to make me stronger and keep me truer to my convictions.